Dual Mono

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A true dual mono design, compact yet incredibly powerful. This is one workhorse of an amp. Scroll down for more info ⇓



Each channel has it’s own embedded power supply, hence the name Dual Mono. This eliminates the bottle neck that regular stereo amps have, namely when it requires a peak signal to be sent to both channels simultaneously – mostly bass signals, kick drum, or transients – it wants to source this from the PSU and this overcrowds the supply temporarily. A dual mono design on the other hand guarantees full power availability on every channel, all the time. The result is pin point stereo reproduction, high resolution audio, a more serene signal, and lifelike dynamics.

For those in need of more power or headroom: use a single one of these amps per speaker and bi-amp using Y-cables on the XLR inputs / or ask me for a free customization; I can route both channel inputs to a single XLR.

Full specs (PDF) are here: CDC – Specifications Dual Mono

Power rating:
2x 900W (1.000W) into 4Ω
2x 580W (630W) into 8Ω

This Dual Mono barely draws 35 Watts under load, which makes it 5~20 times more economical than a comparably powerful A- or A/B class amp.

Although originally conceived for the larger kind of monitors, the amp works surprisingly well on bookshelves too. Especially the ones that can handle a relatively high amount of power, eg. Dynaudio BM15, PMC TB2 and DB1i/+/gold, ATC scm7/11/19, Amphion Two18 etc. Most folks do use it in combination with the larger 3-way designs, like PMC ib1 / ib2 / mb2, ATC scm passive range, the B&W 800 range etc.

– 2x XLR, goldplated Neutrik, RF shielded
– 4x universal binding posts, Rhodium enhanced
– Universal switching power supply

Extra functions:
– L/R peak leds
– rear power switch, full circuit on/off
– ground switch, cuts the ground (pin1) from both inputs
>> the ground switch is not pictured but present on the new batch

Additional information


Black, Silver

Front Panel

19" rack mountable, Hifi 450 mm