Build Details

Custom D-Class amplifiers are built like a tank, ready for long hours and reliable use. The best components are sourced from 10+ suppliers worldwide. This is not a DIY kit or Chinese imitation. This is the real thing.


The magic comes from class D modules by Anaview in Sweden. These sound musical yet precise – a rare quality! Besides their high resolution and excellent efficiency, they feature an embedded universal power supply which we’ve found to be superior to the competition. Furthermore the circuitry safeguards the in- and outputs on 5 different levels: over-amperage, over-voltage, mains input fuse, aux output fuse, and over-temperature protection.


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A high quality Swiss made power button initiates power, peak and power LED’s communicate the amp’s well being, a ground switch in the back eliminates ground loops, and a rear panel safety switch & fuse combo make sure the amp is kept safe at all times. Inspired by a timeless design, all functions are present that make these into a range of well equipped amplifiers. 


Connectors play the main part in the distribution of the signal. We selected the finest Neutrik XLR’s – gold plated, RF shielded – and speaker terminals which are gold plated, accepting nearly anything you throw at them; 4 mm banana’s, 8 mm spades and up to ø 6 mm (AWG3) bare wire.


The front panels have a brushed aluminum finish and are available in either silver or black. In terms of size, Monoblocks and the Compact Stereo amps are 340 mm = 13.5″ wide, while the larger amplifiers come in a 19″ rack version or a slick 450 mm hifi format. More details on front panel options can be found here.


The cases are 100% aluminum, produced in Italy through CNC milling and custom spec. All models sit on anti-vibration feet, and an anti-resonant center bar is added to the larger units. The oversized cooling fins make sure that the heat the amps emit is spread out in an optimal way, even in locations where space is limited.


A machine plate with a unique serial number is mounted at the back. The engraving of this number is done by hand, and every amp or matched set of Monoblocks comes with a certificate of authenticity that refers to this serial number.


To top it off a range of hand crafted signal- and speaker cables are produced in-house. The best Neutrik connectors are hand soldered to hi-end audio wire, and a selection of fine banana plugs is available on the excellent Oehlbach brand of speaker cable.


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